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PowerSchool Learning (Haiku) LMS
Asynchronous/remote/flipped learning tools
How to Import/ Merge Haiku Classes
How to Submit an Assignment in the App
How to Use Quick Add for the Calendar
How to Post an Assignment
How to grade/annotate a student assignment in PSL
How to Check if Rosters are Linked
How to Post a Homework Announcement with Link
How to Embed a PDF File on PSL Page
How to Submit a File to Turnitin LTI
NavBar Hotkeys
How to Edit Assessments
Haiku Paperless Workflows
How to Enable Haiku Class Updates Notifications
How To Make a Haiku Class Public
How To Add on a Computer a PDF Assignment for Students to Annotate
How to Annotate Haiku Assignments in Notability
How to Annotate Student Assignments on Haiku
Dropbox Views by Assignments and by Students